Episode #73 -- Konishiki For May 27, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, the sumo wrestler Konishiki was promoted to ozeki, becoming the first non-Japanese to reach the second-highest rank in professional sumo.  I talk about the life and career of this groundbreaking athlete, and why it is that I enjoy sumo.

Episode music is from "Sunrise," by Torchomatic.  Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #72 -- John Huston Tuesday, August 28, 2007.

Twenty years ago today, actor and director John Huston died at the age of 81.  I talk about my first experiences with Huston's work -- both as actor and director -- and how I became a movie buff through two college courses.

Today's episode music is "Entranced," by  Blake Emrys.  I found it -- like all the music used on the podcast -- at PodSafe Audio.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

At the end of the show, there's a promo for the Truth Seekers podcast, produced by 20YearsAgo fan and supporter Dani Cutler.

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Episode #71 -- Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary For May 24, 2007. 

Twenty years ago today marked the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  An event that day when the bridge was closed to cars and open for pedestrians drew nearly three quarters of a million people -- a much bigger crowd than had been planned on!  The picture at the right, taken by John O'Hara of the San Francisco Chronicle has become the iconic image of that day.  I talk about the 50th anniversary event, as well as my own fascination with the bridge and its life and times.

Today's episode music is from "Sunlit Harbour," by Torchomatic.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #70 -- William Casey For May 6, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, former CIA director William Casey died.  I take a look at his life, with a particular focus on several of the conspiracies which he was reportedly a part of -- from Iran/Contra to the New World Order.

Today's episode music is from "The Edge of Illusion," by DJ Topshelf.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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Episode #69 -- Dow Jones Industrial Average Saturday, August 25, 2007.  After an extended summer break, we're back with new episodes.  Over the next several weeks, episodes reflecting the current date will be interspersed with ones written for May through early August.  There were a number of interesting and important events that happened in the summer of 1987 that I don't want to leave out!

For our first new show back, I take a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which reached a record high twenty years ago today.  One of many stock indexes invented by Wall Street Journal cofounder Charles Dow (pictured at right), it has become the principal shorthand financial report for every major news show in the country.  I also describe the atmosphere on Wall Street in the summer of 1987.

Today's episode music is "Space Melody," by Victor Stellar.  Our theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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